Dry Fruit Sohan Halwa

Best Dried Fruit Sohan Halwa

Now let us take you back to the past where happiness was attributed with the best traditional dessert in town, which now a days is commonly known as “Khawaja Ka Sohan Halwa”.

No doubt surpassing all quality parameters, it is considered to be the No. 1 Sohan Halwa in Pakistan. Khawaja Ka Sohan halwa is both a blend of tradition and delight.

When we say tradition, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it has to be pure, it has to be desi, and what do we have it here, is a pure form of Desi Halwa made out of Desi Ghee using traditional methods of cooking. People living in Punjab, Pakistan understand the true value of Desi Ghee which once added to a recipe, it turns out to be a form of delight.  Desi Ghee has all the elements of healthy nutrition e.g.  strengthening  of bones and boosting up our immunity etc

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