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Langra Mango

The Langra mango remains green in color when ripe- the most it changes to is a mild yellow. The fruit pulp is yellowish in color and the complex sweet aroma and flavor of the nectar is a pure deligh

Langra mango Pakistan is one of the most experienced varieties of Mango from South Punjab. Its name in Urdu means “lame” in English. Langra mango signifies a carefree lifestyle, thus the phrase “Life-with-Langra and Life-without-Langra”.
Available from May to July, Langra mango is greenish and its size varies from medium to large. Its fat oval shape is iconic, fiber-less flesh, dark yellow and has a sweet aroma. Westerners usually like this fruit because its less sweet and suits their taste palette.
Skillfully cultivated by Mango Nation, immense care is taken not to damage or bruise the mango. Pakistan is a major exporter of mangoes all over the world, so we have to maintain maximum form and freshness of the fruit.
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